Rodney Reid Height, Age, Boyfriend, Husband, Family, Biography & More

Rodney Reid Height, Age, Boyfriend, Husband, Family, Biography & More

Rodney Reid was born Rodney Ernest Reed on July 30, 1939, in Apia, Upolu, Western Samoa. As of 2020, you must be eighty-one years old and your zodiac sign is Leo. Rodney Reed must be a Christian. However, there is no other information about Rodney Reed’s family, childhood, and upbringing. Regarding his academic background, Rodney Reed must be a well-educated person.

Facts About Rodney Reid

Rodney Reid is a former New Zealand Footballer who hails from Apia Samoa. Rodney Reid represented New Zealand internationally and played first-class cricket alongside the Wellington Firebirds.

As mentioned above, Rodney Reid is a former professional football player. Participate in many matches or matches. Rodney Reid’s position on his soccer team is that of an indoor striker. Rodney Reid made a total of thirty games on the Wellington side from 1958/59 to 1960/61. The former professional soccer player took 39 wickets at 26:48 along with a top-of-six out of fifty-seven with his right-arm average speed and clocked two hundred and five runs in 12:81.

In addition, Rodney took part in two international official matches for the “New Zealand national football team” in 1958. The first match was on August 16, 1958, in which the team lost 2-3. Tasmania, Australia. The second match was a 5-1 victory over New Caledonia on September 7 of the same year. The football player was also present in the list of successful footballers. Since Rodney Reid has always kept a low profile, there is no other information about his career and career.

Rodney Reid is considered to be one of the richest people in Samoa, has been earning quite a bit of money throughout his career. However, there are no details about Rodney Reid’s net worth and salary. Reed must still be making a good amount of money from his retired profession or another profession. But Rodney Reed surely has to live a luxurious and quiet life with his big profits.

Rodney Reid has never mentioned anything about his relationships with anyone to this day. In fact, the former professional soccer player must have had relationships before. However, there is no information to this day whether Rodney Reid is married or has any romantic relationship with any woman. The former soccer player has been very secretive about his love life and revealed something about the same topic. Other than that, it seems Rodney Reed didn’t have any unnecessary rumors or controversy.

As for Rodney Reid’s body measurements, he is a suitable body weight and a good height. However, there are no exact details about body measurements, weight, height, shoe size, etc. by Rodney Reid. As a soccer player, Rodney Reid must have a well-maintained body with a healthy routine. According to some sources, it was found that Rodney Reid is still alive and as good as before.

As for social media, Rodney Reid has not been active on any of the social media platforms to this day. In fact, the footballer also does not have social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Rodney Reid has never been so popular. Also, there is very little information and photos of Rodney Reid on the internet. There may be some Rodney Reid fan pages written by his fans and followers.

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