Precious Way (Actress) Age, Height, Bio, Boyfriend, Family, Wiki, Movie, Networth

Precious Way Age, Height, Bio, Boyfriend, Family, Wiki, Movie, Networth

Precious Way is an actress known for Partners in Rhyme (2021), Days of Our Lives (1965), and Queens (2021). She is an actress from Chicago, United States. Other than that, she is also a rapper and social media personality. The actress is widely known for her appearance on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. She also appeared on the American television show Queens.

Way is currently in the media as she is on the new television series Partners In Rhyme with rapper and DJ Mc Lyte. The show airs this Thursday, November 18, only on ALLBLK.

Way plays the character Luscious T on the show. The show is about social media star and high school rapper Luscious, who believes she is the best regurgitant in the rap game since Cardi B.

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In 2018, Precious released her first single titled Watch Me Go. The song worked well, allowing him to tour and attend music festivals in places like Times Square and Disney World.

Way loves rapping. She calls it her “outing” and a way to connect with her fans and bring her story to the world. She released the video single, Watch Me Go, in 2017, which shows her wandering through a video game-themed fantasy land.

She got her big break as an actress through a national cast at the 2020 American Black Film Festival. That’s where MC Lyte found his co-director of the comedy Partners In Rhyme, the upcoming original scripted series to air on AMC’s streamer. Network UMC.

Way may rap like a boss, but she describes herself as shy. “Sometimes my hands get sweaty in the strangest circumstances,” she says. “There are times when you won’t hear a word come out of my mouth.”

As for the artists who influenced her, Way says there are many. Among the ones she ranks first are Misty, Jay-Z.

Way’s hope is to make her mark in the world of music, a la Tupac and Lauren Hill. She said that they tell stories through music and that she wanted everyone to someday know her story through music as well.

In addition to rapping and acting, Way spends much of her free time writing. In fact, she points out that she wants to write movies and that she “always” works toward that goal. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs Monday through Friday on NBC. Check your local listings for airtime.

Way’s managed Instagram is @luvpreciousway. He has more than 70,000 subscribers on the platform. Thanks to her Instagram, we can say that she is into many things.

Precious Way Share Photo on Instagram
Precious Way Share Photo on Instagram

Precious Way share These posts on Instagram and say

“Yesterday I was told that people wouldn’t take me serious because of “the way I Iook” the thing is I don’t “Look” like what I been thru. I don’t “Look” like I’ve been homeless sleeping in a car getting dressed in bathrooms for meetings or auditions . I don’t “look” like I’ve been held at gun point at a stoplight in the car with my mom. I don’t “look” like I’ve ran for my life more than once more than twice. I don’t “look” like times where I didn’t know where my next meal was coming from. But I get it today’s times is all about a “look” niggas on the gram “look” like they getting money. Bitches “look” like they bossed up. Guess I don’t “look” like I can rap either huh? Y’all can keep “looking” Ima LIVE”

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